Assessment Center & Psychometric Assessment

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As part of our comprehensive HR consultancy services,we specialize in two key areas:

Assessment Center:
Our Assessment Center service is designed to evaluate candidates’ competencies for specific roles through a series of situational exercises such as role-playing, group discussions, and task simulations. This method provides a deep insight into a candidate’s practical skills and behavior, which are crucial for making informed decisions in recruitment and internal promotions.

Psychometric Assessment:
We offer Psychometric Assessments to measure mental capabilities and personality traits, providing objective data on candidate’s aptitudes and psychological profiles. This service is essential for effectively screening candidates early in the recruitment process and ensuring that they are well-suited for their roles, thus optimizing team dynamics and performance.

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Our recruitment team employs innovative technologies to assess candidates’ suitability for your company’s culture.
The process begins with understanding our client’s requirements in detail.
We select the best candidates from our extensive database.


Our training team offers diverse programs to enhance your
staff’s skills and drive organizational development. We tailor
programs to meet your specific needs, ensuring desired
business outcomes.

Performance Management

Performance management methods include goal setting, regular feedback, performance appraisals, 360-degree feedback, performance ratings, development
planning, recognition, training, coaching, andcontinuous monitoring

Employee Relation

Foster positive relationships, open
communication, and a supportive work
environment. This includes resolving conflicts,
promoting engagement, supporting employee
well-being, and ensuring fair treatment.

Compensation & Benefits

Attract, retain, and motivate employees through competitive and fair rewards. This includes
offering attractive salaries and benefits to attract talent, keeping employees engaged and
motivated, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Assessment Center & Psychometric Assessment

Our Assessment Center service is designed to evaluatecandidates’ competencies for specific roles through aseries of situational exercises

We offer Psychometric Assessments to measure mental
capabilities and personality traits, providing objective
data on candidate’s aptitudes and psychological profiles

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FRSATK Consultancy has been instrumental in transforming our HR processes. Their expertise and dedication have significantly improved our employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Jane Doe

CEO, Tech Innovators

Working with FRSATK Consultancy has been a game-changer for our business. Their strategic insights and hands-on approach have driven remarkable improvements in our organizational efficiency.

John Smith

Managing Director, Global Solutions

The team at FRSATK Consultancy provided exceptional support during our HR restructuring. Their professionalism and expertise were evident throughout the entire process.

Emily Johnson

HR Manager, Future Enterprises

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