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What our Expertise team can do


Our recruitment team employs innovative technologies to assess candidates’ suitability for your company’s culture.
The process begins with understanding our client’s requirements in detail.
We select the best candidates from our extensive database.


Our training team offers diverse programs to enhance your
staff’s skills and drive organizational development. We tailor
programs to meet your specific needs, ensuring desired
business outcomes.

Performance Management

Performance management methods include goal setting, regular feedback, performance appraisals, 360-degree feedback, performance ratings, development
planning, recognition, training, coaching, andcontinuous monitoring

Employee Relation

Foster positive relationships, open
communication, and a supportive work
environment. This includes resolving conflicts,
promoting engagement, supporting employee
well-being, and ensuring fair treatment.

Compensation & Benefits

Attract, retain, and motivate employees through competitive and fair rewards. This includes
offering attractive salaries and benefits to attract talent, keeping employees engaged and
motivated, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.


FRSATK, stands out as the foremost professional employer organization
and employer of record in the UAE & Egypt. We offer a complete suite of HR
management services to facilitate the expansion of both local and
international organizations into UAE and the wider Middle East region

Meet Our Team

Aisha Al Mansoori

Aisha Al Mansoori

Chief HR Consultant

Omar Al Hashimi

Omar Al Hashimi

Senior Recruitment Specialist

Fatima Al Suwaidi

Fatima Al Suwaidi

Training & Development Manager

Why choose Frsatk Consultancy?

FRSATK Consultancy  consistently achieve results efficiently, ensuring tasks are
completed promptly and effectively.

The team at FRSATK Consultancy Utilize state-of-the-art technology and systems, we
seamlessly engage with our clients while maintaining essential enterprise resource planning standards. 

Our adaptability allows us to offer a diverse range of services
tailored to various industries, ensuring coordination and
punctuality in delivery.

Our dedicated staff remains available 24/7, providing
continuous support to our clients whenever needed.

Every client and candidate interaction is characterized by
respect, integrity, and honesty

We take full responsibility for our actions and adhere to the
highest standards of professionalism in all our endeavors.

About Frsatk Consultancy

FRSATK has established in 2022, and
became a swiftly emerged as a premier
provider of HR and manpower outsourcing
solutions at UAE. Our services encompass the
entirety of the employment journey. We have
sourcing general and specialized talent in the
all specialism.
FRSATK offer strategic guidance on
recruitment practices, implementing robust
performance management systems, and
overseeing training and development
FRSATK prides itself on delivering tailor-made
HR services meticulously aligned with the
distinct demands of each project in all fields.

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