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Our training team offers diverse programs to enhance your staff’s skills and drive organizational development. We tailor
programs to meet your specific needs, ensuring desired business outcomes. Delivered by top-notch professionals, our
courses maintain the highest quality standards in the country. We provide both private and public training sessions to
accommodate client preferences.

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Our recruitment team employs innovative technologies to assess candidates’ suitability for your company’s culture.
The process begins with understanding our client’s requirements in detail.
We select the best candidates from our extensive database.


Our training team offers diverse programs to enhance your
staff’s skills and drive organizational development. We tailor
programs to meet your specific needs, ensuring desired
business outcomes.

Performance Management

Performance management methods include goal setting, regular feedback, performance appraisals, 360-degree feedback, performance ratings, development
planning, recognition, training, coaching, andcontinuous monitoring

Employee Relation

Foster positive relationships, open
communication, and a supportive work
environment. This includes resolving conflicts,
promoting engagement, supporting employee
well-being, and ensuring fair treatment.

Compensation & Benefits

Attract, retain, and motivate employees through competitive and fair rewards. This includes
offering attractive salaries and benefits to attract talent, keeping employees engaged and
motivated, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Assessment Center & Psychometric Assessment

Our Assessment Center service is designed to evaluatecandidates’ competencies for specific roles through aseries of situational exercises

We offer Psychometric Assessments to measure mental
capabilities and personality traits, providing objective
data on candidate’s aptitudes and psychological profiles

What Our Happy Clients Say

Active Mind Educational Consultancy would like to express our sincere gratitude to Frsatk HR and Recruitment Consultancy for their invaluable support in our recent hiring drive. Their expertise in talent acquisition has been instrumental in finding the perfect candidates to fill our key positions. Frsatk’s team took the time to understand our specific needs and company culture, resulting in a shortlist of highly qualified individuals. The entire recruitment process was smooth and efficient, and we were impressed by Frsatk’s professionalism and communication throughout. Since onboarding our new hires, we’ve seen a significant improvement in our business operations, and we’re confident that this growth will continue thanks to Frsatk’s help in building a strong and talented team. We highly recommend Frsatk HR and Recruitment Consultancy to any company looking for exceptional recruitment services.

Tarfeh Advertisement Services partnered with Frsatk HR and Recruitment Consultancy to find a team of creative and strategic marketing professionals. Frsatk’s understanding of the advertising industry was crucial in identifying candidates who possessed the necessary skills and experience. Their thorough screening process ensured that we only interviewed the most qualified individuals. We were particularly impressed by Frsatk’s ability to attract top talent, even in a competitive market. Since hiring our new marketing team, we’ve experienced a surge in client acquisition and brand awareness. Frsatk HR and Recruitment Consultancy is a true asset to any company seeking to elevate their workforce and achieve significant growth

At Scholarship Consultancy, we were facing a challenge in finding qualified and experienced advisors to assist our students. Frsatk HR and Recruitment Consultancy came to our rescue with their targeted recruitment strategies. They identified a pool of candidates with a passion for education and a proven track record of success. Frsatk’s commitment to finding the right fit for our company culture resulted in a team of advisors who are not only knowledgeable but also dedicated to supporting our students’ academic goals. Since partnering with Frsatk, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in student satisfaction and scholarship applications. We wholeheartedly recommend Frsatk HR and Recruitment Consultancy to any organization seeking top-tier recruitment services that deliver measurable results.

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